Poetry from Pain: Brianna da Silva


There are monsters in the woods,

Great and terrible, those beasts;

They seek unsuspecting prey

For their torture and their feasts.


The people have no fear,

They walk in peril, but with pride;

They don’t see the flashing teeth

‘Til they tear into their side.


We are the knights of day,

We do not tolerate this death;

Our swords are sharp with truth

To rob monsters of their breath.


We relieve the people’s pain,

Charging brave into the night;

We ride with strength and fire

To bring prisoners to light.


We’re trained young, in sword and spear,

Undefeated we must be;

We hold fate in our small hands,

We will fight for victory.


One day, amidst a battle

Driving monsters from our land,

I am struck – and I stumble

Struggling, sinking atop sand.


As I steady, scales fall off,

Shocking light invades my sight;

Horror shakes me to the bones

As I look unto the fight.


New truth looms before me:

The prey were never real.

We have fought with covered eyes

And were blinded by our zeal.


A scream catches in my throat

As I shed darkness for red day —

We are the monsters, not knights,

And the monsters are our prey.