Why I Left: Moon's Story

What type of church did you attend at the time of your leaving?

Evangelical and Methodist

Did you find a new church to attend?

I did, but it didn't go well.

Moon's Story

I was under an abusive husband, and it came to a point I had to get the police involved. I went to Church for help. One minister told me I should give my husband more chances because he probably didn't mean it even if it was that bad. A few more didn't want to get involved. A deacon let me stay at her house a couple of nights but afterwards asked me to leave and wouldn't even go to the Church to see if someone could help (considering I had been a faithful member of the church for a while). I was peniless, homeless, unemployed and went to several churches to ask for help. Most of them went along the lines of "oh no, poor you, you shouldn't have suffered that, but maybe reconsider? And yes, you need help, you need to eat and sleep and be able to find a job. We will help you! Go to this other church and/or we will pray for God to fix this". No one bothered to give me a penny, buy me a meal, offer me to sleep on their couch. I received more help from goverment and charities than Church.

I was angry. I had had other issues with Church before, of being abusive and controlling, but this was the last straw. And it was even worse when a few months later I found out that my husband (who was not a member of the church and had no beliefs) was being helped and supported by the Church (and he had a good job, a home, everything). I despaired. After a year or two of avoiding church, at the insistence of Christian friends, I looked for a Church and started attending one. But they once again "prayed" for me and welcomed me, but promptly forgot I even existed (and it was a small church, less than 100 people). To the point that having tea and cake after the service I'd stand in the middle of the area and no one would approach me, and children would run into me as if I wasn't there. That day I went home and cried. I hadn't felt so lonely and unimportant in a long time. I haven't been back to church since then.   

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