White Supremacist Hate vs The Principles of Jesus

By Nikki Now

My Aunt "Marjorie" was an amazing woman who lived her life not preaching, but LIVING the principles of love, care, and kindness. She was always having rummage sales, dinner sales, food and clothes drives to give to some poor people somewhere. When there was a person that needed a roof, some hot food and love, she was there. I remember her "raising" more than one child of someone unable to parent. 

Now mind you, if you were under her roof you went to church. Not Sunday 11-12 but, Wednesday-Bible Study, Friday-Youth Activities, Saturday-Jr. Choir Practice (she was the Choirmaster). Sunday was an all day affair-Sunday School, church, travel somewhere to sing in the afternoon.

She was Assistant Principle in charge of School Buses at a local high school, where two daughters of the leader of a local KKK "Clavern" drove school buses. One had a discipline problem that got her put on probation. Her father came to the school to confront my aunt for daring to impose punishment on his daughter. In her words "he came strutting down the bus ramp with his robes blowing in the wind. I met him and asked him what was his damn problem?" The story the principle told is that by the time the man left he had calmed down, and agreed to the punishment for his daughter.

This gentleman's respect for her was so great for having the nerve to be black and stand up to him that way. He became a regular guest to our family's (all black at the time) Christmas Brunch. He slowly, over a couple of years, opened his heart and mind. (It's a good thing because BOTH his daughters were dating Black men behind his back.) I remember him coming to our family to get help learning to deal with it - he trusted us that much. In the end he had 5 bi-racial grandchildren who were his HEART.

I know now as an adult what Aunt "Marjorie" had to go through in her life as a black woman in the segregated south must have been a challenge. She taught me, however, that doing the "legwork" of Jesus is hard. I no longer go to church, but having had this woman in my life showed me how to BE the church.

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