“A Non Comprehensive List of Things More Useful than Yelling at Vunerable Women Outside of Planned Parenthood”

On February 14th, the Christian practice of Lent began, thus kicking off the 40 Days For Life campaign . Nationwide groups meet outside of Planned Parenthood and hold 24 hour vigils for 40 days praying and fasting for the end of abortion. In honor of these lovely folks, here is a non-comprehensive list of things more useful than harassing the 16 year old girl getting a Pap smear.

1. Memorize all 30,000 + Christian denominations

2. Try to reason with Paul Ryan

3. Conversion date a Meninist

4. Trim every blade of grass in your yard. With scissors.

5. Watch paint dry.

6. Tweet “Sir, SIR!!!!!!! Excuse me sir!!!!!!! You are undermining the very norms of democracy sir!!!!!! Have you no shame sir???!!!” at Donald Trump

7. Discuss the nuances of race relations in America with a Rush Limbaugh listener

8. Explain to Matt Walsh that yoga isn’t Satanic

9. Explain anything to Matt Walsh

Ansley Gerhard-Roberts