Fundamentally Free... from what, exactly?

That is the question every author at Fundamentally Free has had to grapple with. And if you're here, most likely you've faced this mountain yourself. 

What does it mean to be free? Are we running from something? Running to something? Evolving, deconstructing, or imploding? (All three, perhaps?)

The simple answer might be "Evangelical Christianity" which in recent days has become synonymous with Christian Fundamentalism. A once niche and self-isolated form of extreme religion has found its way into the spotlight, and with the emergence of Evangelicalism, a rift has appeared in Protestant Christendom. 

This site is written by and for those of us who saw the cracks in the armor of fundamentalism and, through unique paths, and to varying degrees, walked away. In these virtual pages you'll meet professional writers and amateur bloggers, students and educators, atheists and pastors, activists and parents. 

Some of our authors have felt this tension, and committed themselves to carving out the rot of patriarchy and sexism, white supremacy, religious imperialism, homophobia and transphobia, and complementarianism in their churches. 

Others have left the church altogether, finding solace in private spirituality outside of organized religion, or perhaps no spirituality at all.

And many have found themselves in the in between, transitioning through doubt and discomfort, encountering with honesty their place in the world, their own beliefs, and their relationships to religion and its ambassadors. 

We will not all agree. We will not all walk the same paths. Our stories, like ourselves, are unique and sometimes vastly different. We will express everything from rage and grief to hope and purpose. We will tell our stories and the stories of others. We will challenge what we see, read, and hear from Evangelical Christianity, and we will give a microphone to the marginalized. 

No matter where you fall in the process, you are welcome. 

In our posts you'll likely hear your own questions. Does God even exist? Was the Bible written by men or divinely inspired? How can the church combat bigotry and isolationism? How do I find community outside of the church? Is it okay to abandon my upbringing? Is it okay to live honestly outside of religion?

These questions and quests follow us from the moment we begin to wonder about Fundamentalist Christianity. From the first twinge of doubt, to the first step toward exploration, we are plagued by the looming unknown. It's very true what we are taught from young ages - even a shred of doubt can launch into the "slippery slope" that destroys what you think you know. What we were not told was that sometimes the evolution turns out to be the best thing that could happen.

It's with deeply felt honor and privilege that we present Fundamentally Free.